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So how do you protect yourself from the Ultra Violet rays?

Australia’s first choice for sun protection clothing

As industry leaders for over a decade, SParms’ innovative sun protection clothing offers a total rethink of the way we approach sun safety. We craft high-tech athletic apparel for sports and leisure to protect you and your skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Our entire range of sun protection gear is made in Australia and is UPF50+ for unparalleled UVA and UVB coverage.

Attracting the attention of major sports stars all over the world, our sun protection sleeves are worn by elite cyclists, archers, equestrians and members of the Ladies Professional Golf Association. 

Why do you need sun protection clothing?

If you’ve been cooped up indoors, getting out in the sunshine can work wonders for your mind and your body, leaving you feeling truly alive. However, it’s no secret that even on overcast days, UV rays are dangerous and can easily burn your skin if you don’t wear the appropriate protection. 

Most people rely solely on sunscreen for protection but these creams will typically only last for a maximum of four hours before it’s time to re-apply. Long sleeve clothing is praised for its ability to block UV rays from reaching your skin, but it’s effectiveness is dependent on the type of material the garment is constructed from. SParms sun protection clothing is the best sun safety solution on the market, as it incorporates UPF technology, which successfully blocks harmful UV rays. 

Designed for maximum performance

SParms’ Australian-made sun protection clothing is crafted with a patented Italian fabric that provides next-level comfort while you’re wearing them. Crafted from an incredibly lightweight polyester blend, our sun protection gear is specifically conditioned with a special treatment to keep the fabric cool. 

By combining motion 3-D pattern with 4-Way stretch fabric and elastic lamination, our sun protection sleeves are intended to feel like a second skin, enabling peak performance, while offering faster and freer movement. Versatile and ideal for all types of outdoor activity, our sun protection sleeves also feature superior re-engineered yarns that are moisture-wicking and quick-drying to prevent abrasion and help you adapt to your environment. 

Made with the harsh Australian climate in mind, all of our sun protection clothing undergoes rigorous testing and quality control procedures to guarantee optimal performance for all weather conditions.

Shop sun safety clothing online 

Stay sun safe and explore our SP body collection, which contains men and women’s long sleeve shirts for superior upper body protection. Our SP gloves cover the back part of your hands that sunscreen and other clothing usually miss — they’re an extremely popular piece of apparel amongst golfers. To keep you looking and feeling your best, SP sleeves are available in a range of colours and camouflage prints, for sleek and stylish forearm protection. Stock up and save, with free domestic shipping over $69 and free international shipping over $149. 

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